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The Full Story

Of course this page is biased. It is about me and written by me!!  It’s how I learned to do what I do and do it well. Through the years and through associations I have made I have learned the proper loving way to raise pups. To be a breeder you must adore your animals.  They must be your life. My responsibility is equal to all dogs and pups that I care for and bring to life.

It is important to know the background of new dogs being brought into my breeding program; that they have correct structure, health background and temperament. Many of my days are spent studying pedigrees. You can’t do what I do with quality without knowing bloodlines.

Health testing is another very important factor. Knowing the weaknesses in the breed and breeding to“fix” and improve them is of utmost important for raising quality pups.  And to responsibly retire any dog which has not passed any of the required testing.

My thought was always... As with any living being, the very beginning is so important. I raise my puppies the way I would want a pup to be raised should I be looking for one. So to be a really good breeder you must respect your dogs and pups for the amazing beings they are and honor their loyalty and give all that back to them for their need to thrive and grow and become their true nature.

When you visit a breeder take notice of the surroundings. Are the adult dogs clean? Are they happy? Are there enough beds? Indoor and outdoor space for exercise? Are you greeted with happy havanese? Are you greeted with other breeds of dogs? This is what I notice in meeting other breeders. 

The description of a havanese is a happy-go-lucky dog with a smile.  That should be the first thing you see.  Not a poodle or a rottweiler or a yorkie or cowering. You should see a happy havanese greeting you with “friendly” barks asking for your attention.  Happy adult havanese bring you happy loving puppies.

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