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The Best Time to Bring a New Puppy Home: A Comprehensive Guide

I’ve been raising havanese for many years and there are certain considerations that many prospective puppy buyers do not take into account. I hope to make your decision making process a little easier with some practical information.

First of all, when a puppy leaves it is approximately 9 weeks of age. This means that it has begun the series of puppy shots but not yet completed them. Therefore your new puppy cannot yet go outside safely for puppy training walks. If you own your own home, then you can, with minimal risk, begin to train on your property. However if you live in a more urban setting, then potty training must begin at home with wee wee pads. Just fyi transition from paper to outside does work! Given a choice, dogs will prefer to do potty business where there are yummy smells (outside) rather than inside your home.

My typical timing example; many teachers want a puppy at the end of June. Lots of time to spend training. Of course it can be done successfully but there are things you may not be considering. It is ideal for a pup to enter your life at a time when your daily schedule is typical. Spending the summer with your puppy, loving, training, etc. is great but then in September when your work schedule begins your pup now finds itself alone for many hours. That can possibly develop into an unhappy puppy or create separation anxiety. (Separation anxiety is a difficult behavior to fix but an easy one to avoid.) This means, you would need to keep to what would be a typical daily schedule, at least a 2-3 days a week, so puppy isn’t left alone cold turkey when school season begins. An option is to get a puppy in the early Spring. Then it is accustomed to your schedule and by the time the series of puppy shots is complete, you can now do serious potty training and take your puppy outside without limitations during the months you are at home more often. So basically anything can work as long as you are aware of what you need to do for your puppy to make transition into your lifestyle comfortable. We want pups to be happy and confident. This makes for a great loving member of the family.

There is no “bad” time to get a puppy. Even winter! Havanese enjoy the cold weather although they may not want to stay out too long. This can help with potty training because they will do their business quickly so they can return to their cozy warm home. Anything can work as long as you understand what is required of you and what your puppy needs.

I’m always here for information and help in deciding the best timing for you. As well as any other training tips and help you might need.

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