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After 25 years of raising and working to improve the havanese breed it is now time for me to slow down and reap the benefits of my work.  I've made some beautiful pups for the lucky families that are part of the Peace Love Family.  They will always be my family.

I will begin to place some of my younger adults to the right home and if this is of interest please contact me via email

Pictures will be slowly posted here and if interested then tell me about you and your home family etc.  This is a heartbreaking process for me as every one of these dogs is my family.  So I will do my best to match up the best prospect to your lifestyle.

The oldsters will come with me wherever I go and all others are under 5.

Thank you.

Kukla (black & tan- $4000)  

Annie (black & white - $2500)

Onyx (Black) $3500

All adults being placed are paper trained and have doggie door. All will need adjusting time to new home family routine etc. and likely act shy and skittish until they understand.

These dogs are champions and so are used to being bathed often and groomed.  They are not in a full havanese coat and have been clipped down.


Thank you.




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